Massage & Therapy

Any skin care products purchased with a facial will recieve 15% off!

Reflexology Therapy
$48 - 30min
$75 - 1 hour
Reflexology has many benefits. It feels good and it relaxes the whole body. Each person responds uniquely to Reflexology, such as over relaxation, tiredness, or emotionally; a direct result of your body releasing tension, restrictions and toxins.
Relaxation Massage
$38 - 30min
$50 - 45min
$65 - 1 hour
Hot Shell Massage
$75 - 1 hour

Our lava shell is a gem of the ocean known to provide lasting relaxation, pure pampering bliss and the ultimate escape in soothing heated massage. This heated massage experience is complete with calming botanical massage oil infused with South Pacific extracts to relax muscles and rejuvenate the mind. The blend of green tea and mango leaves you completely refreshed and your skin silky smooth